A Toddler's fear and greatest comfort

It was a week before my son's first birthday that we travelled from Hong Kong to the Philippines to celebrate his first birthday with his grand parents, aunts and uncles and cousins. It was a very exciting day as it would be his first time to travel (now that he is becoming a toddler). He is very observant on his surroundings, attentive and never fails to easily befriend other people. As we arrived in our home town, his grandmother (lola) was the first to carry him in her arms. It was a very memorable moment for me as a mother. As time past by, my son was overwhelmed with the relatives surrounding us. He was not used to having this much attention and everyone wants to carry him, hug him and kiss him. I didn't realized right away, fear started to grow in him. Fear that he would be left behind with these loving people whom he just met. Fear in even taking a bath...as he would cry his eyes out when water would run through his tiny little body. It puzzled me how to help him over come these fears. It was the first time for me to see him feel fear.

It was when we arrived back home in Hong Kong that I fully realized, he was not in his comfort zone that made him felt the fears. My son loves to swim so much that I just have to find a way to help him overcome this fear. As a desperate measure, I took out my swim suit from the chest box (which probably have aged together with me) and swim together with my son. Luckily, his fear of the water went away so easily and was able to play with his toys in the water again. My visiting cousin had mentioned that my son seems to be clingy to me. But I respectfully disagree. It was at that point that I concluded...I am my son's greatest comfort.


  1. wow! thank God that he's not 'afraid' with the water now.... nice post te..

    By the way te, ininsik lagi tanan nka butang dari ( except sa imong post) , nglisud ko ug pangita sa comment tab.. ininsik diha sa imo? murag pwd nimo ma change ni sa imo dashboard, setting into ENglish if you want.

  2. Hi Le! Welcome to the blogging world. Makalingao baya, mao ni akong lingao karon. hehehe.

    I know God will give you wisdom how to raise your child.

  3. Love motherhood :-)
    By the way, belated Happy 1st Birthday, Andre-kun!!

  4. Thank you, thank you everyone. I greatly appreciate the comments and support. You guys are the greatest.