Living a liberated life and Morality…is it a contradiction?

Being far away from our home land (the Philippines), would this give us a right to live freely and not think about our responsibilities back home with the people we love? Would we not care of the consequences? Or are we just saying…we can deal with the consequences later and just have some “FUN” now. What happened to the foundation of our morality? Are we letting go of our morality in exchange of living a liberated life outside our home land? The land where we were born and raised, grew up and where our parents strive their best to provide us the best morals and education. The land where our parents shed there sweat and blood to raise us up properly (“pawis at dugo”).

I for one am a victim of this chaos, I allowed myself to become a single mother. Of which I have no regrets as I was blessed with a loving, cheerful and very charismatic son. As I walk around the city of Hong Kong, I see a lot of my countrymen having great fun, living liberally. What happened to our morals? Did it went away the minute we stepped out of the aircraft? Or were we eaten up by the distance from our loved ones, the loneliness, the different culture and the different living condition? Whatever the reason is, I did not see any signs of strong foundation of their morality. Our home land is well known to be the only Catholic country in Asia, but as time changes, it seems like …so is the foundation of our morality.

Being a parent now and considering the condition on where we live, I am confused and worried. Confused as to where should be the right place to raise my son, for him to have a good foundation of morality. Worried if I myself would be able to support and provide my son with good moral foundation. All I can think of now is to pray. Pray very hard that I would be blessed with good parenting skills, and that I would be able to raise my son to be a good Christian and great believer of God.

To all you parents out there, I hope you would be able to share your opinions and experiences. I am hoping this would shed me light to find the right path for my son.